[Harp-L] RE: Harmonicas and Air Travel

Always have my harps as carry-on, and usually as I shuffle barefoot by the person at the screen w/ the puzzled look on their face I say: "Harmonicas" and they'll nod and wave me through. But sometimes they'll want to check them out. Doesn't take too long, and then I'll pick one out of the case and play a little blues riff for them. They always laugh and send me on my way. Back in 2004-2005 I was taking the Jet Blue Redeye from Ontario, CA to JFK about twice a month and became known in that terminal as The Guy With the Harmonicas. The security crew got to expect a little serenade when I came by, and one TSA guy made a point to always show me this antique Hohner he carried around w/ him, used to be his Grandpa's. I only fly about twice a year these days, and -- alas -- Jet Blue doesn't fly out of Ontario anymore. So now I have to fly out of Burbank. That sucks because it's a hell of a lot further away from home in the IE (like over an hour vs twenty minutes), and the security there is not quite so appreciateve of harp players, lol.  

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When I travel with harmonicas (often more than 20 of them),  I always put
them in my carry-on and I always alert the X-Ray tech before sending my bag
through.   Invariably they are amused and appreciative.   I've never had one
bit of delay.    The last time I said "harmonicas coming through!"  the
X-ray man chuckled "Man you weren't kidding!"

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