Re: [Harp-L] Harmonicas and Air Travel

Jim Crutchfield wrote:
<My advice is, Take the train!  I fly only when I have to, and I'm lucky 
<to live where there's regular train service. If we had decent public 
<rail transportation, like every other developed country in the world, 
<musicians would never have to worry about traveling with our 

I like trains, and I use them when I can.  In 1998, Northwest airlines went on strike while I was at SPAH in Detroit, and I returned home on Amtrak.  

But in the USA, trains in many parts of the country are few and far between. It's also true that many destinations in the USA are far enough apart to make travel by train a matter of days rather than hours, which can be very inconvenient. 

So this is not a realistic option in many cases for US-based travelers.

That the USA is way behind much of the world on rail transportation is beyond dispute.  

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