[Harp-L] 4 Sale....520SL GB

Offering it here first on Harp L, so it goes to a good home.

I put this together about 8 years ago just to see what it would sound like
and have rarely used it only because I had another 520SL with a screamin'
White Label  that I used almost exclusively and a gang of other mics at my
disposal. This just ended up in a big box of mics that I'll be thinning out
and offering here very soon.

I bought the empty CR 520SL shell  and I then put in a fairly rare  Black
Label CR 99E86 (low Z)  with a Shure Hi Z  XFMR I extracted from a 580SA
Shure stick mic.  I hard wired in about a 17' double insulated single
conductor with braided ground/neutral.

The VC is  500K with built in on/off switch.

   It has a nice warm tone with a little less mid range kick than a  hot CR
or CM.   You'll see alot of guys now utilizing the low Z CM's with Hi Z
XFMRs, but you will probably never see a Black Label with this
configuration.    I guess that's why I kept it all these years.

Asking $150.00  shipping  is 5 dollars in the US =155.00
local pick up is ok.  I live in Huntington Beach.

Guaranteed working as described.


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