[Harp-L] RE: Harmonicas and Air Travel

I've checked the Harp-L archives and seen that several of you have flown
with your harps.  I will be headed to the IBC in a couple of weeks and plan
to board with my harp case which will contain harps, mic, and two pedals.
Anyone have any additional suggestions for easing transit through security?

I only took along one harp this summer on a working trip.  I made sure I
told the xray guy I had a harmonica in there.  An option might be to mail
the harps to your hotel.  I'd insure them, just in case, and contact the
hotel first to see if they have any requirements.  Of course I did think
about using it as an excuse to get some new harps and order some delivered
to the hotel from my favorite vendor, Rockin Ron's, but my budget prevailed.

Bruce K Ritter

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know
for sure that just ain't so. 
Mark Twain

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