[Harp-L] augmented tuning for diatonics

Hi Folks

I am new to Harp-L so first I would like to say hello. Hello! I'm glad that
resources like Harp-L exist and here's a big thank you for whoever is
maintaining this mailing list. Thank you!

I am thinking about purchasing a diatonic with a tuning that would most
closely resemble that of my augmented tuned chromatics (Mine all start on
Low E). One candidate tuning is Seydel's augmented tuning which looks like

             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9    

Blow     E     G#    C      E     G#    C     E      G#   C       E

Draw    G     B      Eb     G     B      Eb    G      B      Eb     G

So for each whole I would need to bend the draw notes a whole step or a
half step to get the "missing" notes. Which of Seydel's harps would best
allow me to bend to these "missing" notes with good response and volume?

One problem with this tuning is that 3/4 of the notes are played using a
draw. So I wonder if I will be running out of breath a lot.

Another option is Seydel's whole tone tuning which looks like:

             1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9    

Blow     E     G#    C      E     G#    C     E      G#   C       E

Draw    F#   Bb      D     F#   Bb    D     F#    Bb    D      F#

But then how do I get the Gs, Bs and Ebs? Valves and blow bends?

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