Re: [Harp-L] Harmonicas and Air Travel

Speak to the NTSA officer at the x-ray machine and tell him you are carrying
musical instruments.  Don't say anything even remotely sarcastic or smart.
If you play it straight, they will play it straight too.  Plan to unload
your cases into the tubs on the conveyor so that your harps are one-layer
going through the x-ray.  I take 5 tubs to unload everything from my two
packs carrying harps, chromatics, bass harps, 24" chord harps, microphones,
cables, and laptop computer.  Only one time did I get pulled aside for the
explosives sniffer...they wiped down every piece of equipment including the
mouthpieces of my bass harmonicas and my shoes.  Other than that, I've never
had any further problem nor any delay.


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Bobby BlackHat <bobby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I've checked the Harp-L archives and seen that several of you have flown
> with your harps.  I will be headed to the IBC in a couple of weeks and plan
> to board with my harp case which will contain harps, mic, and two pedals.
> Anyone have any additional suggestions for easing transit through security?
> Bobby

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