[Harp-L] Whistling Wolves etc. The Poor Man's fiddle/Sessions in NYC

Hey Trip,

Really enjoyed the youtube stuff. Thanks and thanks for turning me on to
Harp L. Such a wonderful resource full of so many amazing players.
I'll have some new stuff up on the Tube soon.
As you know, my focus has been on the Northern and Celtic fiddle tunes
and on using the harp more like a violin in song arrangements.

I expect to be in NYC at least once a month and am looking to find out when
and where sessions are going on for Celtic or other traditional  players>
jigs, reels, hoedowns etc. where a harp player can add some reeds to the
mix. Would like to check out such gatherings. Do you or any other Harp L
folks have a sense of where and when such events might be happening down
there in Gotham City?

John Coster    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaII4L3lcWE

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