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I was at the Harmonical Blowoff in Santa Cruz last night. My observation: I'm a big Andy Just fan but don't know if it was his best performance. Last year with the Ford Blues Band he blew me away but was nothing out of the ordinary last night. I had never seen Mark Hummel or heard a lot of his playing but he was impeccable. He played a couple songs straight into the vocal mic and sounded great. He closed with an electric version of a James Cotton instrumental (Creeper?) that tore the house down. Billy Branch is the real deal when it comes to Chicago blues--very tasty playing. Sugar Blue--I guess a lot of people love him or hate him. It's obvious where John Popper and Jason Ricci got some inspiration. For me, it gets to be a sonic bombardment---incredibly fast runs and licks, but he does it on every single solo. When he would play a chorus and slow down, he has a killer tone, vibrato, and timing, but I wish he would do a lot more of that kind of playing. On the other hand a goal of a musician is to develop your own voice and style and he sure has that. Unfortunately had to leave after one Rod Piazza song so can't comment on his set. One thing I did notice--every one of these guys can not only play the hell out of the harp, but are all very good singers. Just my two cents of what went down.

Marc Spilka
Los Gatos, CA

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Roughly one minute in, in the video below Carlos del Junco changes harmonicas -- but he remains in E -- and does some fast riffing (which includes a Bach quote).
Is this in 1 pos, E on an E harp? Or some special tuning?


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