[Harp-L] Low F Buddha Harp for Sale

I have a Buddha harp I am maybe willing to part with. I used it for one song
at SPAH and maybe 2-3 times since. It is a Low F Special 20 with a reddish
dymonwood comb. I don't really know why, but it was assembled with two
bottom coverplates instead of a top and bottom. It is an EXCELLENT playing
harp. It was made to order for someone else that ended up not having the
funds for this Zen harp. I took it in place of a Low F Marine Band I had
ordered due simply to the reduced wait time.

I am not a SP20 player, and although this is a fantastic harp, I have no
need for it. I now have two other custom Low F's (which hardly get played)
and several other Buddha harps that were built specifically for me I am
holding on to. If the cover plates are an issue, I will order a new set and
open them up for the buyer. Money from the harp is going directly to funding
resources for my music endeavors.

If you are interested in the harps please email me at mikefugazzi AT gmail
DOT com.

Mike Fugazzi
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/MikeFugazziMusic>
Quicksilver Custom Harmonicas

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