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Hey Harpers;
Fyi..I noticed the tues. in Santa Cruz has Andy Just not Carlos del junco...
Andy is great...I just was looking forward to seeing Del Junco...since I have never seen him live.
Oh well
I did find this interview with him and Howard Levy on this internet... You guys probably have heard this...

It is not at a level of the harmonica player but more a documentary about 
Bending the boundaries  of the harp...I enjoyed it.

Grant Walters

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> Does anyone have any videos from the blowout ?? 
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> Billy Branch uses an Electro Voice RE10.  Used to see the news crews using 
> them all the time.  Less so these days. 
> Billy has his own idea about how he wants to sound and achieves it his way. 
> He's not a "traditional" bullet through a Bassman kind of player. 
> Bernie Clarke 
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> Great players...great show... 
> Must say, while I don't think I'm too much of a purist, Sugar Blue plays a 
> style I just don't like...seventeen notes where one will do...certainly 
> skilled, though.  His "Badda-Bing" patter doesn't really cut it either, 
> IMHO. 
> I am always amazed at the tone and energy displayed by Mark Hummel. He can 
> truly do it all, and do it great. 
>    Rod Piazza is such a wonderful player that I'm willing to overlook his 
> stage accent (I didn't realize they talked like that in Orange County). 
> What great tone, and tremendous re-creation of the classic licks.  I think 
> he is one of the best players out there. 
>   I had never seen Carlos Del Junco in, what an innovative 
> artist, impeccable taste and an original approach to the instrument.  I hope 
> to see more of him. 
>   Seeing Billy Branch was a true treat.  His playing is so toneful, soulful 
> and classy, and he shows respect for the masters but adds his own personal 
> touches.  Really good singer, too. 
> As to amps, it looked like there were two tweeds on stage, one an Avenger 
> and the other perhaps a reissue Bassman. 
> Does anyone know what the stick mics were that Carlos Del Junco and, I 
> think, Billy Branch were using to play through the PA?  (Greg Heumann 
> "Ultimates"?)  I guess they were high-end vocal mics from Yoshi's stash, but 
> was curious to know what they were. 
> It's too bad that Yoshi's allots such a short time per set.  I thought it 
> was a great sign of much-deserved respect that each of the harpers gave up 
> some of his limited time to make sure that Rusty Zinn took a solo in each 
> song...he is so skilled and has an incredible range of style and incredible 
> tone.  He seems so modest that he would probably have been fine with no 
> solos, but I for one was pleased that he got to show his stuff a little.   
> I thought the band was fine...tough task to handle all those different 
> playing styles, personalities, volume levels, etc. with such rapid 
> changeovers...I felt they pulled it off really nicely.  Totally tuff rhythm 
> section, great keys, and Rusty Zinn...couldn't ask for more... 
> Thanks to Mark Hummel for putting together this wonderful show, year in and 
> year out, and for his own really fine performance. 
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