RE: [Harp-L] Harmonica Blowout

Billy Branch uses an Electro Voice RE10.  Used to see the news crews using
them all the time.  Less so these days.

Billy has his own idea about how he wants to sound and achieves it his way.
He's not a "traditional" bullet through a Bassman kind of player.

Bernie Clarke

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Great players...great show...

Must say, while I don't think I'm too much of a purist, Sugar Blue plays a
style I just don't like...seventeen notes where one will do...certainly
skilled, though.  His "Badda-Bing" patter doesn't really cut it either,

I am always amazed at the tone and energy displayed by Mark Hummel. He can
truly do it all, and do it great.

   Rod Piazza is such a wonderful player that I'm willing to overlook his
stage accent (I didn't realize they talked like that in Orange County).
What great tone, and tremendous re-creation of the classic licks.  I think
he is one of the best players out there.

  I had never seen Carlos Del Junco in, what an innovative
artist, impeccable taste and an original approach to the instrument.  I hope
to see more of him.

  Seeing Billy Branch was a true treat.  His playing is so toneful, soulful
and classy, and he shows respect for the masters but adds his own personal
touches.  Really good singer, too.

As to amps, it looked like there were two tweeds on stage, one an Avenger
and the other perhaps a reissue Bassman.

Does anyone know what the stick mics were that Carlos Del Junco and, I
think, Billy Branch were using to play through the PA?  (Greg Heumann
"Ultimates"?)  I guess they were high-end vocal mics from Yoshi's stash, but
was curious to know what they were.

It's too bad that Yoshi's allots such a short time per set.  I thought it
was a great sign of much-deserved respect that each of the harpers gave up
some of his limited time to make sure that Rusty Zinn took a solo in each
song...he is so skilled and has an incredible range of style and incredible
tone.  He seems so modest that he would probably have been fine with no
solos, but I for one was pleased that he got to show his stuff a little.  

I thought the band was fine...tough task to handle all those different
playing styles, personalities, volume levels, etc. with such rapid
changeovers...I felt they pulled it off really nicely.  Totally tuff rhythm
section, great keys, and Rusty Zinn...couldn't ask for more...

Thanks to Mark Hummel for putting together this wonderful show, year in and
year out, and for his own really fine performance.
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