[Harp-L] The Whistling Wolves: Parties, Weddings, Clubs and Funerals.

Greetings friends and neighbors,

The Whistling Wolves are on the air . . . well, we're on YouTube anyway. We
just signed up for our very own site and have posted several performances
from the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn.

Thanks for listening,
Emily, Trip, Q and Spiff

here you go . . .



The Whistling Wolves feature the beautiful singing, ukulele, fiddle playing
and two time world champion whistling of Emily Eagen; the tasty harmonica,
uke and singing of Trip Henderson; the guitar, singing, bones, jug, banjo,
mandolin, and, jew's-harp of Spiff Wiegand; and Mr. Blue Eyed Soul, the man
who holds it all together, Chris Q. Murphy singing and playing bass and
guitar. The best
bass-vocal harmony group around.  Great traditional music with a few
originals thrown in!!!

*The Whistling Wolves: available to play Parties, Weddings, Clubs and

Trip Henderson

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