Re: [Harp-L] lowering the pitch of a reed with solder

it is called "flux" and is used to help the solder adhere to the surface of whatever you wish to solder. you paint it on with a small brush - it is a gel like substance.

BTW what is 'solder gel '

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3rd ,thanks for the fast replys

2nd, I'm already familiar with the 'Blutak' concept
(the french equivelent is obviously not as good)
with 'superglu & brass fillings' of which I've had slightly more succes.

(drum roll - the opening of an envelope- "and the winner is" LOL)*

I'm going to try Robert 'Crazy Bob' Coble's system, 
This carfuly descrbed technique appears to answer my question.

BTW what is 'solder gel '


*On harp-l we're all winners...........


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