Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic cover lids modification

Denny Noreikas wrote:
> All this recent talk about which Chromatics to buy got me thinking about trying the
> Chromatic again for playing Blues. I have 2 key of C's, a Hohner CX-12 and a Hering
> Velvet Voice 48. The CX-12 is too shrill for me compared to the Velvet Voice. 

I'm surprised that anyone would describe the CX-12 as "shrill."  I find the CX-12 to sound more like a diatonic than any other chromatic I own.  Loud, yes.  Shrill, no.  But if you don't like the sound of the instrument, no more need be said about it.  Players should play the instruments they like.

I suppose you've already considered trying a chromatic in a different key than C?  Most makes and models are available in a range of keys.  Perhaps an E, Bb, or G chromatic will give you the sound you're looking for.  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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