Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic cover lids modification

There has been so much nonsense said... since harmonicas were invented,  
about comb material, &  cover plates, "Tate steps" and such, which make  SUCH 
A DIFFERENCE to the sound of a mouth organ.
Well I just PLAY the darned things!
I like some harmonicas, but I like other harps less.
As Vern says... "SUBJECTIVE".
Until I asisted at the comb materials seminar, YEARS AGO, at SPAH '97  in 
Detroit, with Vern Smith, I was convinced that "wood combs give a warmer  
tone"... But a room full of harmonica players could not tell the  difference!
I now know VERN WAS RIGHT!
As for cover plates...
They DO make a difference, but (probably) only to the player.
I like thin cover plates, because they vibrate more in my hands when I'm  
playing the harmonica.
A long time ago my friend  Siegfried Nahrun built a CX-12 with brass  cover 
plates. It was a great harmonica... But TO ME I like the thin plastic  
cover plates of the original CX-12 more, than Siegfried's CB-12... Simply,  
because the thinner plates vibrate more when the instrument is  played...
But I doubt the audience will notice any difference in the tone, or to the  
Kind regards,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Cebu City
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Vern to  me you are the James Randi of the Harmonica world....and that is a 

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