[Harp-L] Doucette mic.....

In the late sixties, when I was going to college in South Carolina, I played in a band;  out drummer had played for a year or so with Greg and Duane in the Allman Joys in Daytona Beach.   At the time they were the "house band" at a variety of clubs in Atlanta, and opened for everyone at Piedmont Park for outdoor shows.  We would go down almost every week to hear them.  I also knew Barry Oakley--he had dated my next door neighbor for a while when the Allmans and Betts & Co. were jamming and living in Jacksonville, just before they launched the Allman Brothers Band.

Spent a lot of time hanging with those guys, and I can guarantee you that when Doucette was with them he was playing a 545.  I don't think I ever saw him with a bullet.  

Those were some incredible times with a lot of incredible music.  So many memories.....Tom Ellis/Tom's Mics

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