[Harp-L] Walter Tore's Spontobeat songs from last night

Tonight, 1-11-11, I sang a laid back set that began with a song I have titled "30 Years Of Busting Rocks to Sing This Song". It kind of sums up my journey that kept me playing/living around the world doing music full time without any management, label support, or much of anything but a drive, lots of great listeners, a few clubs that believed in me, and great musicians that dug my approach. Nowadays my body is often aching from all the manual labor I did to eat when times were thin. You could always find the lowest grunt work and come and go as you please. No committment, but man it was hard on the body. 

So here are tonights songs. You can hear them at the links below. 
30 years of busting rocks to play this song
can't find no peace tonight
satified as I am
lazy snowy day swing
I'm learning life can be a ball


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