[Harp-L] Powerbender

Got my Powerbender in the mail today. After half an hour of noodling with it, I can see the possibilities and am interested in spending some time on 12th position, which might work for me.
I like the Suzuki Harpmaster that came with the introductory package. It appears to be the same as a Delta Frost, which I have played a lot.
My first opinion is that it might be better served to start someone out with a G harp, rather than an A, but that opinion might change as I progress with it.
I hope I can wrap my old brain around this tuning, since my progress on Richter-tuned diatonic is very stagnant.

Steve Webb, in Minnesota now, but heading for Arizona for the month of Feb. Maybe during that extended vacation time, I will get in some serious harp practice.

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