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I've changed my set up 6 times over the past 12 years using 6 different
locations in my house. As your business grows and/or changes so will your work area.

I've been working on designing a space for the shop the past couple of years rather then
settling on occupying a confined space already available.

After being in the business 12 years I finally know what I need to do to create the most efficient shop
for working on chromatics. My needs are different from your needs and they are different from
the needs I had or could appreciate when I first started out.

Consider what is most important to you. Is your focus on milling parts? altering existing parts?
tuning? Customizing? If you customize you need to have the tools and parts in place to repair.
Set up work stations that allow you to move from one area to the next with little effort.
Try not to crowd all your tools and parts in one area where it makes it difficult to move around.

I'm converting my unfinished 2 car garage into a finished shop starting this spring.
The plans are to have a shipping and receiving area, cleaning and sanitizing station, an bench area just for table top cutters and sanders,
floor space for large floor standing tools, a parts storage area and a special temp and humidity controlled room just for tuning and repairs.
Also in the works is an area for replating parts and a soldering and brazing station to repair broken slides.

I would have never been able to plan a shop like this my first or 8th year in business. It all came together from the different needs that
came about over the years.

Leave yourself flexible enough to change with the business. The first 6 years are the toughest because that's where most of the doubt and burn-out

I'm going to post a YouTube video once the shop is completed. No one has done a walking tour video of their shop that I know of.

Good Luck
btw, my wife use to live in a house you described before we got married. It was built on a hill so you only saw 1 level from the front but it had 4 levels from the back with 2 basements.
We almost bought it from the landlord but I'm glad we didn't. Too damn many stairs to climb.

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.......I have plenty of room available for harmonica tech work, but need some
inspiration for how to set things up. I'd be interested in any pictures of
work areas for harmonica or other generally small hobbies/jobs.

Mike Fugazzi

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