[Harp-L] Estrin dvd

Finally got around to watching Rick Estrin's instructional DVD in its
entirety.  Definitely the most amusing harp tutorial I've come across!
 Rick shows that there are dozens of ways to play a simple lick or
riff to keep things interesting without being overly dependant on
speed or complexity.  He has an almost bottomless bag of tonal and
rhythmic variations and he clearly names and explains each one.  A lot
of what he does are things we all have probably stumbled across at one
time or another, but by giving each effect a name and using it
purposefully he shows how we can reach a higher level of command in a
live performance.   I especially liked the very last section on stage
tricks.  His no hands playing was remarkable and worth the price of
admission!   (The midget hooker was pretty funny too!)

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