[Harp-L] Re: Epiphone Valve Junior Head & Cabinet - Discontinued?


I sure agree that the VJR half-stack cabinet is good value, and well built. Although I would love to have a Masco, even the stock Epi VJR head is a nice little set up, and very inexpensive. I have two of the cabinets, and one stock head...and one in the process of being modded. The cabinets are solid, and the stock speaker is pretty darn good (IMHO).

I checked with the Gibson Amp Forums, and they have conflicting information about whether or not the company has discontinued the Valve Junior series. The thread below quotes Bob Burns (a customer service rep) as saying Gibson is not discontinuing them....but I looked again yesterday and can't find any in stock at all with any vendor.

The original cabinet and head have been nearly impossible to find since mid-November, with many vendor references to "discontinued".


I have a feeling that "good value" for harp players meant "not enough profit" for Gibson. ;-)

Since I have this email in progress to you anyway, Rick, I really liked your recent videos comparing tonality of tubes. You always have "meat" in your blog posts, and I'll admit to being a regular there.



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That would be a shame if the Valve Jr. were discontinued!  I use the Epi
Valve Jr 1x12 cab with my Masco amp.  Really good tone for not much money.
Very well built; a good bargain.

-Rick Davis
The Blues Harp Amps Blog

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