[Harp-L] Re: First Chromatic Under $200 (US)

Hello, Guillaume.
Here are my opinions on the models you listed. As another Harp-L member  
I prefer the Hohner CX-12 for this price range. It's the most air tight in  
the listed price range, most durable, easiest to clean & maintain, and is  
the loudest playing of those on your list, with the least amount of effort. 
Of the CX-12 models, I prefer the tenor C model (tuned an octave below the  
regular middle C model). CX-12s are available in all12 major keys, plus the 
 tenor C model.
Your list (your first chromatic harmonica):
Seydel Chromatic Standard (40 or 48 reeds): Don't buy it. It's a valveless  
harmonica, which means that it's output is weak.It leaks air, compared to 
the  valved harmonicas. It's a very good harmonica, well-made, and would be 
my  choice(and is) for playing outdoors in Wisconsin winters, where the 
valved  harmonicas choke up.
Seydel Chromatic Deluxe: An excellent harmonica for a low price. It has a  
plastic comb (preferred), and is very reliable, with 12 holes (48 reeds). 
Key of  C is preferred by most players, but it's available in all 12 major 
keys, and  some custom keys.
Suzuki Chromatic SCX-48, SCX-64: Both excellent harmonicas (from what  
people tell me).The SCX-48 has 12 holes, the SCX-64 has 16 holes. If the SCX-64  
is under $200, I'd prefer it to the ZCX-48, only because it has 16 holes 
(more  range). The SCX-56 is not recommended for a first chromatic, because of 
its  size. It has 14 holes. It's also an excellent harmonica.
Hohner #280 "64 Chromatic," or Hohner Super 64: Both highly recommended  
They weren't on your list. Hohner Super Chromonica Deluxe, #270 Super  
Chromonica, Koch Chromatic, Slide Harp  Hohner Larry Adler 16 holes all  "no." 
Most of the Hohners on your list (above) have wood combs. Wood combs aren't 
 as durable as plastic combs, and generally leak more air than the plastic 
combs.  I wouldn't recommend the 10-hole Koch and Slide Harps, not enough 
range (10  holes), and they are Richter system harps, not fully chromatic.
The Larry Adler 16-hole harmonica is identical to the Hohner #280, except  
for the covers. You would be paying a higher price for the Larry Adler than 
the  64 Chromonica, basically the same harmonica. 
The Hohners on your list that I would recommend for a first purchase: the  
CX-12 in C or C tenor, or possibly the Super Chromonica Deluxe. 
Of all on your list, my choice for a first chromatic would be the Hohner  
Best Regards
John Broecker 

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