Re: [Harp-L] First chromatic harmonica

I'd go for a tenor "C" tuned  Hohner CX-12
It's good to start on "Chrom" using a "C" instrument. I started with a  270 
in "G" and I STILL find it hard to "get my head around" other tunings.
The "Regular" "C" solo tuning covers the same range as a regular flute...  
That's fine, but if you are into jazz you might like to have that lower 
octave,  available  from a "tenor" tuned harmonica... If you were looking for a  
saxophone, it would be like a choice between a soprano or an alto sax,  
Don't get a ten hole... You NEED those extra notes!
The Koch and Slide Harp are really two diatonic harps in one... a C and a  
John Whiteboy Walden
Cebu City
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Guillaume.Poirier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hello  Harp-l !

I am an intermediate diatonic player that is looking to buy  his first 
chromatic and hopefully learn some blues and jazz with it. This may  be an 
already much discussed topic so feel free to point me to older relevant  threads 
if need be. There are so many models and it is difficult to chose...  I'd 
like to know which key is recommended, how many holes, and I am looking to  
pay a maximum of 200$.

Here are some models that fit my  budget:

- Seydel Chromatic Standard  Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=50480&cat=173>
- Seydel Chromatic  Deluxe Classic 
-  Suzuki Chromatix SCX48 Chromatic  Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=SCX48>
- Suzuki Chromatix SCX56  Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=SCX56>
- Suzuki Chromatix SCX64  16H/64Rd Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=SCX64>
- Hohner Slide  Harp
- Hohner Koch
- Hohner 260 Chromonica  
- Hohner  270 Chromonica  
- Hohner  "Larry Adler" Chromatic Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=7534C>
- Hohner  CX12 Chromatic Harmonica<proddetail.asp?prod=7545C>
- Hohner 270  "Super Chromonica Deluxe"  

What do you recommend  ?

Many thanks  !


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