RE: [Harp-L] Tremolo Harmonica Bending

Bending for expression, rather than to get a missing note, is not too difficult - you just have to seal off one of the two vertically-arranged holes for that note momentarily with your lip and bend as usual. I don't regard it as a particularly great trick, but I have been known to use it on occasion in faster tunes, when anyone listening is unlikely to detect that I've temporarily suspended the tremolo effect. ;-) 

> There has been a thread on tremolo harmonica with an unlikely title.
> I've re-branded it here.
> The discussion has been about whether bending is feasible on the
> Tremolo. Winslow claims that it is. I'm sure he can do it convincingly.
> I can't, controlling a bend on two reeds simultaneously is beyond me.
> I think it's a moot point however. The Asian players (the bulk of the
> tremolo population) don't bother with bends. Instead they stack multiple
> instruments, and skip between them to get notes normally obtained
> through bending. This isn't a party trick. They all do it, the good ones
> with amazing dexterity.
> Tony Eyers 		 	   		  

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