[Harp-L] new year

Welcome. Just a note to say the Super Cruncher is doing very well out of  
the gate, as are all that have wanted the extra 25% more power from their  
Crunchers. I will be carrying all three amps as my line, with the Cruncher @  
$1450, the Super Cruncher at $1650 and the Avenger at $1795.. We will update 
the  website tomorrow to reflect the prices, and I will have one more 
special  amplifier for sale, my personal Super Sonny, which will have a lineup of 
vintage  Tungsol NOS 5881's, 5U4 vintage rectifier, and vintage military 
grade preamp  tubes. That is the same style amplifier Sugar Ray is playing on 
his most recent  You Tube videos. I can if the buyer wants replace two of 
the Weber P10Q's with  my last pair of vintage real Jensen 1950's P10Q's. 
Contact me about price and  options. Also for sale is one of the strongest and 
thickest sounding crystal  mics in a deep orange/red turner shell with volume 
control, with the crystal  being a Calrad from the Argonne 54 mic. Only 
$225.00 for that with a money back  guarantee. All the people who have made the 
Cruncher to Super Cruncher change  state it is exactly what I said it would 
be and are very happy, reviews will be  posted once they work out with the 
amp for a while. 
         Due to the wonderful  response to the Sonny Terry tribute I 
posted, I have decided to do on line  lessons as I have a webcam and will work on 
any style you want.. My teaching  philosophy is to start by working with 
each individual to get them past wherever  they are at currently, then if they 
want to learn exact Sonny Terry licks or  anything about his style we can do 
that or we can work on whatever  favorite blues player you want, not being 
a predictable player, to be able to  shatter boundaries which are a big 
obstacle for us all. This is the direction I  will be moving farther into, while 
working on my CD which I have many ideas for. 
        I would like to thank those who  have supported my efforts over my 
close to 20 year amplifier span, with these  three amplifiers it will be my 
seventh full production line, and I would like to  say these will be my 
final amplifiers unless I get another unique idea I feel I  have to run with. 
Please support the work of pioneers such as Chuck Gurney, who  has saved 
countless elements I bought on ebay and is a true craftsman. I sell  mics also as 
does Greg Heumann, all of which I have seen work from the ground  up. 
         I feel I must pass along  whatever knowledge I have and move into 
different directions as I recently found  out my liver duct is clogged so 
there is a sense of urgency to do the things I  only talked about doing. I am 
open to any ideas on how I can do more, with  full 10 hour seminars on 
Sonny's and other styles, amplification, mics, will  also be part of that. One 
last note. I will be doing one Sonny Terry song with  Mark Hummel's blowout at 
the Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Ct. in April. Just check  his schedule for 
the date. 
          It was nice to meet  Elizabeth, Rob P. and a few others from the 
list in New Jersey, so on that  note I wish you all good health and look 
forward to working the on line lessons. 
Respectfully, Sonny Jr. 

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