[Harp-L] Cruncher Upgrade to Super Cruncher Report

Currently I own a Super Sonny 410 and a Cruncher, two different amps sounds with the Cruncher being somewhat naturally raunchier. I got my Sonny Jr Cruncher upgrade kit yesterday and immediately arranged for my favorite amp tech to do the job. I thought I would drop it off to him today and probably pick it up Monday because he is always so swamped with many amp jobs to do. Well he took one look at the amp and said he wanted to do it now because he thought he would enjoy doing the upgrade and take a break from the normal amp fixing business. He had it completed within an hour and only charged me $45 rather than his normal $65 an hour rate. Tonight I got a chance to try it out for a half hour and what a difference the upgrade kit made to this amp. Of course it can get much louder now that it's a 50 watt amp rather than a 35 watt amp. But the tone control settings changed quite a bit with this new power.  Now I can crank the bass just like my Super Sonny up to 10 without the power being reduced and get a much fuller tone. The mid and treble controls are more sensitive and require less adjustment to get the same tone as before. Although Sonny said that using the jumper cable between channels was unnecessary I found that it was still useful when playing at lower volumes for a much crunchier tone. When turning the amp up to loud gig levels it was not necessary to use the jumper because the amp developed that same great crunchy raunchy sound on its own at normal gig levels. The upgrade was money very well spent and I encourage current Cruncher owners to go for the upgrade!!

I'm primarily a bass player who fiddles with guitar and a little on harp and collect point to point classic amps but I know good tone and the Super Cruncher is the best harp amp for my tastes.

John 'Cisco' Francisco

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