[Harp-L] Vintage Harp Help

I would like to look for an old/vintage Marine Band or Golden Melody type
harmonica to tinker with. I know the prewar MB's are popular and show up on
eBay, etc, but I have no experience with this. I am only interested in 10
hole diatonics.

Anyone know of any reputable sellers of such harps whether it be on eBay or
somewhere else?

I guess I am just hoping the reeds and reedplates are in good shape. I don't
mind doing all the work, replacing the comb, whatever, but I'd rather not
have to replace reeds from the get go.

Mike Fugazzi
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/MikeFugazziMusic>
Custom Harmonicas*(New)* <http://www.mikefugazzi.com/fr_home.cfm>

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