[Harp-L] Custom Harp Info

I am really not trying to spam the list or take up tons of bandwith, but I
made some changes to my Custom Harmonicas page that will take effect
February 1st.  These changes were based off of initial demand, recently
coming up with a Marine Band model that utilized the science of the Sjoeberg
combs, increased labor in the higher levels, and the want to very much focus
on the Level 4 harmonicas.

The turn around for Level 1 harmonicas is very fast.  The others depend on a
number of factors, so please contact me off-list.  I only even bring this up
as to not blindside anyone waiting until February or so to order with the
current prices and options.

I specialize in overblow/overdraw harmonicas, but provide options for
excellent non-ob harps as well.  Thanks!

Mike Fugazzi
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/MikeFugazziMusic>
Custom Harmonicas*(New)* <http://www.mikefugazzi.com/fr_home.cfm>

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