[Harp-L] Juke Coda 810H with Extension Cabinet

Gary Croteau at Juke Amps made a Juke Coda 810H amp for me.
Then I bought an extension cab with the same speaker combination.
One Jensen AlNiCo Ten inch and two Weber Signature AlNiCo Signature with Neodymium boost are in the amp and in the cabinet.
The amp has on-board reverb and true vibrato and tremolo as two interactive effects.
The reverb is spring-tube similar to the Ampeg circuit and the vibrato integrates Magnatone varistor/tube circuit to produce true pitch shifting modulation.. The tremolo mixes with the vibrato with independent knobs for each and a speed knob.
The Juke Amplification website shows the controls on the chassis under Harmonica 810.
The amp is unique and any one who loves Valco amps would listen to this amp.
But it is not a Valco amp.
It is like a Fender-Magnatone-Ampeg-Valco.
I use the 12-watt mode for most gigs and with a switch it goes  pentode-mode and 30-watts.
With the extension cab, the sound is pure heaven for harp or guitar.
Best regards,

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