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In theory, you are calibrating to your maximum mic input.  If you
change the amp's settings, that shouldn't mess with anything.
Therefore, you wouldn't need to re-calibrate.

Yes, agreed. But the mic is no longer at "maximum mic input" if you reduce it's input via the mic volume control. Then what is the box seeing?

That's what has me scratchin' my head.

Or rather, is the box measuring FREQUENCIES, rather than OUTPUT?


In which case the "maximum mic input" would have no bearing whatsoever.

But I don't think that's the case. I think the mic's output is being measured. And anytime you reduce that, the box is now seeing something different.



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IMO, calibrating is important when trying to keep the pedal transparent/consistent in the chain at your maximum mic input. You shouldn't hear the pedal differently when turning your mic volume down. Your electric tone will change when you use the VC. By nature it has to to some degree, but the Kinder shouldn't impact that.

Maybe think of the calibration knob as the opening of a funnel - you
want the opening at its largest to pour the maximum and then you
control the flow via how much you dump in...in this way you can funnel
fast or slow.  That analogy is probably dumb.


On Jan 4, 9:11 am, Ray Beltran <raybelt...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I guess what I'm wanting to know is what happens when you adjust
volume on the mic? How does it affect what the AFB+ sees?

For example, during the gig, if I choose to increase amp volume for a
different tone, then lower the mic volume to that my overall volume is
not overbearing, do I need to re-calibrate?


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