[Harp-L] Kinder AFB+ ...no more batteries

Several list members asked me to post an update on my results after I
adapted a Kinder AFB+ to take AC power. I outfit the AFB+ with two 9V
battery cable extensions which allowed me to run each battery lead into a
seperate, isolated, 9V output from my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2.
It works perfectly.  I use a Pedal Train effects rack and have the Pedal
Power attached to it as wellas all the pedals. I run the set-up two ways:
AFB+ --> delay pedal --> HArp Attack --> PA mixing board
AFB+  --> delay pedal  --> any of my tube amps.

 I use any mic I want. It all works great and I am now totally free from
having to replace batteries in any of the pedals.

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:15 PM, David Fertig <drfertig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David Brown, I love my Kinder AFB+, and I hate using batteries also!
> I change the battery in my digital delay about 3 or 4 times as often as my
> AFB+.   I check all batteries before each perf., and switchout if any are
> weak.   the Kinder is not a thirsty device.  I'm guessing 30-60 hours per
> pair of batteries.   But then I also unplug the cables (from both sides)
> even during band breaks.
> I recall reading/hearing John Kinder and at a separate time Jason Ricci go
> into a rather technical explanation why it's a problem to power both sides
> of the Kinder with one power source, let alone wall power. (For me, "rather
> technical" is low threshold!)
> I'd love to stop messing with batteries and yet I'm protective of my
> magical Kinder!
> Anyone have practical experience at having put wallpower into the AFBs?
> My visit to Voodoo revealed no "power block" per se, but the Power 2 Plus
> power supply, the Voodoo Lab Pedal power AC, and the Voodoo lab Pedal Power
> ISO 5.   I'd guess the Isolation feture of the ISO5 may be the thing, but I
> dunno!
> Any guidance?
> Dave "know nuttink" Fertig
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> Re: [Harp-L] Kinder AFB+ Questions
>                Tuesday, December 14, 2010 6:52 AM
>            From: "David Brown" <nonidesign@xxxxxxxxx>
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> This is the rig I use to play directly through a PA.:
>  I usually play a Shure CR41 buullet with a black CR mic (although the AFB+
> allows me use ANY mic I want).
> I have a six pedal set-up with the first pedal in the chain being the AFB+.
> Then I have a Boss EQ, A BBE 2 TImer delay, a Boss Chorus plus*, a Boss
> digital reverb*, and a Lone Wolf Harp Attack.
> (*these two are only used for a song or two but are usually off.)
> -FIrst off, I must mention that I HATE USING BATTERIES! They always seem to
> die during gigs.
> - Second, I'll mention that I disconnect both jacks on the AFB+ when not in
> use. I don't know if only disconnecting the input, and leaving in the
> output, affects battery life.
> - The first time the batteries went out on the AFB+ I got weird indications
> that they were dying. I got signal cut-out, which I thought was a broken
> cable, so I unplugged them all one at a time to hunt for the one that was
> malfunctioning. I eventually figured out it was the AFB+. The blue light
> still worked fine during all this, so the batteries were never completely
> dead. I don't know exactly how long the batteries lasted but I played quite
> a few gigs before they died. Upon reflection I remembered that I had
> feedback problems just before the uniit began to fail (the "cut-outs" which
> I misinterpretteed as a cable failure).
> In my opinion, the AFB+ is absolutely an essential piece of gear. I am
> awaiting my second one to arrive next week (a back-up, not a replacement).
> I
> have a Voodoo Lab Power block and I am purchasing (2) battery connectors to
> run the battery leads from the AFB* into two *SEPERATE* 9V power outputs of
> the Voodoo Lab, thereby elminating the need for batteries. I HATE USING

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