[Harp-L] Announcing New Bluegrass Harmonica CD

I’ve just released 3 new videos on YouTube that feature tunes from my new CD, “Bluegrass Harmonica.”  Unlike my previous CD that equally featured all the musicians, this one really focuses on my harmonica playing.  There are many superfast tunes, such as Blackberry Blossom and Dixie Hoedown, but I included 2 beautiful waltzes—The Lovers’ Waltz (by Jay Ungar, who also wrote Ashokan Farewell) and Blue Violet Waltz, which the great fiddler Michael Cleveland recorded.  This CD includes wonderful breaks by banjo legend Pat Cloud and guitarists Eric Uglum and Steve Trovato.




Videos of my actual performances were of such poor quality (both sound and visuals) that I just couldn’t bear posting them, so I used the sound tracks from my CD and added various still photos, video snippets, and artwork to hopefully add some visual interest.  If you’d rather just hear 2 complete samples of the soundtracks, go to:  


 For those interested, the “Bluegrass Harmonica” CD is available at CD Baby


 Downloads are also available at CD Baby as well sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

 I also updated my website (which was long overdue).


Since SPAH, some have complained that my email no longer worked.  I apologize for not adequately informing everyone that my email changed to davidnaiditch@xxxxxxxxxxxx

 Have a happy, musically exciting New Year,

David Naiditch



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