Re: [Harp-L] who was that guy that impressed Howard Levy on YouTube?

Hello, Iceman!

Thanks for kind words, it's really pleasant. Actually I think my jam
is one of the best example of my playing, but I have some more good
recordings too. You can check my playing at different websites (not all old videos are perfect,
but I don't delete them because of comments) (my main band) (in russian, but you can see
song titles and play buttons)

Me on social networks, be free to add me

2011/1/1 The Iceman <icemanle@xxxxxxx>:
> Having seen Howard on stage many times over the years along with other
> harmonica players, this is the first time I've ever seen "that look" on his
> face.....he was totally impressed at his level.
> I'm interested in exploring more of Boris' music - CD's, youtubes, etc.
> the changing expression on Howard's face as he hears what
>> you are doing.

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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