[Harp-L] SP 20's Life Span

Its funny that so many of the SP 20's  break, That they've come up with a 
replacement deal, probable the same bin the original are  from. 

Don't get me wrong I like and still buy them because they play so easily but 
(maybe that's the price we pay to have that ease of bending) but they are the 
only harp that breaks down on a regular basis.(for me anyway.)
I started buying Marine Bands but again (for me) they take a lot of care to stay 
sounding like new. 

The Lee Oskar's are the ones I do nothing to. Just wash once in a great while. 
But there not really the sound I'm looking for.I'm  
Having real good luck with the Golden Melody also.
I guess the good thing is you'll have plenty of extra reed for repairing 
practice on SP 20"s.
I've played some really nice old vintage harp from EBay and after cleanig them 
and lite adjustments they sound great and seem to keep in tune alittle longer. 
go figure...


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