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Did you you notice the Hole 6 overblow the harp player used?

Because BP is trying to attract tourists to several southern states, I think they were also trying to mix regional music styles, hence the Charlie McCoy-style licks over Cajun style accordion. (Although near the end it sounded like the music modulated thru several keys, which would rule out use of the traditional diatonic accordion played in second position that's used in Cajun music.)

For genuine Cajun harmonica, check out Jerry Devillier, Isom Fontenot, and Arteleus Mistric.
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You're right, It does have a Charlie sort of vibe. In fact it sounds more
country than Cajun to me. I've played with a couple of Cajun and Zydeco
bands in Louisiana in years past during Mardi Gras (Lafayette, where things
are a lot more family oriented) and with the beat they laid down it was
impossible to not play Cajun style. The version in the commercial was a
white sandwich bread form of Cajun music. That said, the harmonica playing
was really tasty. Country, but tasty.

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Should've searched for it before the previous the Cajun vibe,
but I am not all that familiar with Cajun music...reminds me of the Charlie
McCoy harmonica-playing-fiddle-parts kinds thing.
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