[Harp-L] For Sale: Hotrodded Epiphone Valve Jr. Head.

I am selling my Epiphone Valve Jr. that I have seriously hotrodded. I have done all of the Lone Wolf Harp company's mods for this amp (http://www.lwharpamps.com/projepimod.html), plus a couple of other mods, so this amp is a super harp amp! In addition to the mods, I've upgraded the stock preamp tube to an Electroharmonix 12ax7, and the stock power amp tube to a vintage JJ EL84.

Here's a link to a video demo of the amp in action: http://youtu.be/PcbWiP3SeYs
Here's a link to a photobucket album of some high res photos of the amp: http://s622.photobucket.com/albums/tt309/darwin_deathcat/Epiphone_Valve_Jr/

If you bought the head new, and paid a tech to mod it for you, you'd be looking at around $300, but I'm only asking for $250 inclusive of shipping to the lower 48. 


Isaac Ullah

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