Re: [Harp-L] At Tech 21 Blonde pedal gear review

Doug Schroer wrote:
<Richard, Mike, or anyone:  Do you know of anyone who has tried the Zoom B2
<Bass Multi-Effects Pedal for use with harmonica?  It has effects, XLR out,
<can  be operated on batteries, and sells for $99.  It sounds as though it
<might be a good option for fast set up, with effects and Low Z out on
<battery power, but no one around here seems to stock it, so I haven't had a
<chance to hear it.  I already have plenty of gear, but I can't help being
<interested.  I stumbled across it when looking at the Zoom pedal that
<Richard reviewed a while back.

Ah, so many pedals, so little time...

I haven't tried the B2.  It has a bass synth model on it that might be very interesting.

The best thing about the Zooms is that they run on battery. They also produce a tough sound with a lot of edge, which can be very nice when you want it.  However, the Digitechs are more responsive, in the same way that a real amp is more responsive. The Digitechs also have better reverbs, and a wider range of amp models that work with harp.  

Beyond that, the main issue with any multiFX device is that every patch includes a lot of different stuff, so it takes time to program.  It certainly took me plenty of time to program the Digitech RPs and the Zoom G2NU.

So if you get the B2, be ready to put some hours in to get it to do what you want.

Regards and Happy New Year, Richard Hunter

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