RE: [Harp-L] At Tech 21 Blonde pedal gear review

I've never used the zoom bass effects unitbut I have a Korg AX1B bass
effects unit and found it to be much better than the guitar version of the
same pedal. I use it on my bass guitar as well.

Whatever it's worth, I like bass effects units on harp.

Best Regards,
Dennis M. Cooper

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Richard, Mike, or anyone:  Do you know of anyone who has tried the Zoom B2
Bass Multi-Effects Pedal for use with harmonica?  It has effects, XLR out,
can  be operated on batteries, and sells for $99.  It sounds as though it
might be a good option for fast set up, with effects and Low Z out on
battery power, but no one around here seems to stock it, so I haven't had a
chance to hear it.  I already have plenty of gear, but I can't help being
interested.  I stumbled across it when looking at the Zoom pedal that
Richard reviewed a while back.

Doug S.

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