[Harp-L] Watson come quickly, I need you...

Happy New Year harmonica friends.

I just made an interesting discovery in the lab today, while tinkering with
the magnetic-bending harmonica (known as the "TurboSlide"). Just a bit a
background for those unfamiliar. The TurboSlide uses a kind-of valve
mechanism equipped with magnets that interact with the reeds to flatten
their pitch. It only works with paramagnetic reeds, hence limited right now
to the Seydel series. But I've been playing around with magnetic paint so as
to adapt the principle to other kinds of harps. Many people find it to be
kindof cool, but its musical utility is still to be determined.

I knew that it was theoretically possible to also bend the notes up (sharp),
but only today figured out how to do it. And I'm wondering (hoping) this
this might also have some sort of usefulness. Keep in mind that this effect
is not exactly like a chromatic valve, in which the notes are discretely
tuned, but more of a "whammy bar" that allows you to bend and introduce
tremolo at will.

Can any of you imaginitive harmonica enthusiasts suggest whether this is
worth pursuing?

Thanks in advance. Wishing you all the best.


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