Re: [Harp-L] Any "Open mics" or "Jams" in Johannesburg?

Hi John

I can't really help you in terms of Johannesburg (although I've gigged there many times) it doesn't have a very vibrant scene in terms of jams and open mics. My bet would be to ask around especially in terms of areas like Melville.

I'm not sure if the Blues room in Sandton is still going (and I know it has been a while since it actually catered for Blues. The Bohemian might be worth a try.

Go to my facebook profile ( and search under my friends for Kathy Raven, it's a long shot but she might have a better idea about what's up in Johassleburg. Another angle might be Geoff Atkins on this list as well as in my fb friends (although Geoff is based in Durban, he might be able to help.

If you plan to venture to Cape Town I could be of more help and although I now live in Italy I could hook you up with people who could help you out.

All the best and enjoy your stay...


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I came to South Africa to play some music... But sadly it all seems to have 
 fallen through.
So. I simply want to play my harmonica.
Anyone know any musicians/jams/bands that might want to play some music  
with John "Whiteboy" Walden?
I'm in Johannesburg South Africa just now, but I have WINGS!  <grin>
_http://johnwalden.freevar.com_ ( 
_www.johnwalden.com_ ( 

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