[Harp-L] 1949 Knight 30 Amp Info


Santa brought me a Jim Rossen-customized Knight 30 Watt Amp (93-146 / Model 30 S). It's a great amp, and although I am still learning what it is capable of, I am VERY pleased so far! I don't think I'm worthy of such a fine amp, but Santa must have had a senior moment.

I've researched it a bit, and rather than post a bunch of links to pictures, and scans of catalog pages, I used a web server I have and posted it there. I will be adding audio clips, schematics, and anything else I can find to this page.


The site is a wiki, which means if you know anything to add, or find things I've posted in error, you are welcome to create an account and correct it, upload your own images and so on. This page is about the ONLY thing on the site for now, which I hope to devote some winter evenings to this year...lol.

Happy New Year,


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