[Harp-L] FSA and Musician's Ear Plugs/Monitors

The IRS allows you to take money out of your paycheck 'pre-tax' here in the US, as long as it is spent on allowable medical-related expenses. This is known as a 'flexible spending account' or FSA. I have about $300 in mine and it has to be used soon (either end of year or march, I have to check the organization that manages this for the employer).

anyway, i see as an allowable expense 'hearing aids' (http://www.irs.gov/publications/p502/ar02.html#en_US_publink1000178940) and it's not clear whether this would include the type worn by musicians as either just volume filters to protect hearing or even in-ear monitors.

Has anyone been down this road or know for sure in either case? I know they've been discussed here before, but even if you don't know the answer to that question can I get a few recommendations? Thanks!


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