Re: [Harp-L] First open mic recommendations

People in the audience only know what you let them know. So,... at first, only play what you know, and can play flawlessly... then maybe toss in a few clean licks. Not too much. And don't take risks. At first. It makes the audience know that you have some licks and also makes them want to know what other licks you have. Play within yourself, then as you work your set, give them some more licks/variation, but NEVER - EVER play all your licks in one solo.

When life asks you to jump in...
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Even though one should make eye contact with one's audience, play as though you are playing for yourself. If you make a mistake do not let it bother you, just keep right on as if it never happened. Most of the time we are our own worst critic and most of the time most folks will not notice small mistakes, especially if you keep on as if it never happened.


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