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Thanks Bob for the kind words.
I must say the Circular/Spiral harps are an utter joy to play. On this song I used pretty much everything from blow 1 to blow seven. I've got 5 Circulars but I plan to get a full set as the budget allows. I love the session steels and got one circular 1847 which is even better. I valve mine and I am happy that P.T Gazell is now a Seydel dealer. My next order will go to him, he states he'll check the harps to make sure they are according his specs.
Thanks again for all the info shared on the Circular tuning.

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That was SUPERB! I love the way you laid the harmonica over the backing track.
Your playing on the Circular Tuned harp was fabulous! Just the right touch of
vibrato on the longer notes, and beautiful intonation throughout!

The photos of the mountains were gorgeous too! I love the mountains. My wife
and I take a trip to the mountains every fall to enjoy the changing of the leaves.

Thanks for sharing - you're doing great!
Crazy Bob

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