[Harp-L] Round Midnight questions

1.On bar 1 the Real book Volume 1 shows "Eb-/D  /Db"

Am I correct in assuming this is an Eb minor chord with a seventh, D,
in the bass for the first two beats and a flat seventh, Db for the
next two beats?

2.In bar 6 there is a chord that says Ab7b5.  Am I correct that this
is not an Abm7b5 chord?  Is this is a new type chord (to me), 1, 3,
5b, 7b?  Ab C D Gb?

3.  In the 7th bar of the B section, or bar 23, there are two chords,
Db9 and Cb9.  This is not a D and a C a chord with a flat 9th on top,
these are standard ninth chords with Db and Cb as their roots?

4.  If the Cb9 chord in bar 23 really signifies a B9 chord, why did
they write it a Cb9, especially considering there are other chords
with a B root in the song?
Michael Rubin

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