Re:[Harp-L] cleaning old (pre-war) marineband

Mike Price asked:

"What's a good way to clean very old rust off the reed and coverplates from an old marineband?"

I use Birchwood Casey Brass Cartridge Case Cleaner, mixed according to the directions on the bottle.
I mix just enough for a 2-pint ultra sonic cleaner (2 teaspoons). I run the ultra sonic cleaner through
at least 3 3-minute cycles. Usually, that is sufficient cleaning to remove all rust and gunk.

Afterwards, I put the parts in an Efferdent dental cleanser solution (2 tablets; about 1 pint of warm
water) until all fizzing stops and the liquid turns clear (about 10 minutes). During this process, I use a 
very soft toothbrush to GENTLY brush everything clean. Be especially careful around the reeds, only
brushing from the rivet end toward the free end.

There are many different solutions that will remove rust from a harp. I've tried a lot, but like this one

Crazy Bob

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