[Harp-L] Re: RE: First open mic recommendations

I agree with the first recommendations:


Eye contact ALL the time, keep your head up and watch: singer, guitarists, drummer, audience, stay alert. Unfortunately, most on stage aren't looking at anybody!

Make a noise into the mic before playing. Not a pre-solo, but a quick quarter note, a hum, say hey to the audience or no one, clear your throat, something so you know the mic is on and have some idea what it's sounding like from the stage.

Have FUN!

A jam is a social event/party. People get bent out of shape if they don't play or end up with "inferior" players. These people turn jams into work. We PLAY music. If you want to play a lot or with good players go get a gig! Jams should be for kicks. I love jams, learned how to play by treating a jam as my gig for a year straight, then took it over. I owe those who put up with me, by playing with any and all (respectful) jammers of all styles and experience.

Did I say HAVE FUN?


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