[Harp-L] First open mic recommendations (Robert Hale)

I wouldn't give playing advice to anyone but, as a person who makes his
living in part by performance in a very  restricted and high stakes venue, I
would add the following.  As a matter of fact this what I told/tell myself
before taking the mic:

1.  Ask what's the worst that can happen ... you're gonna get booed or not
be asked back.  And that is highly unlikely.  Certainly not the end of the
world.  Nobody's going to jail, losing custody of their children or going to
have to pay a nasty settlement.  So, in real world terms, there is not much
of a  downside.  So, just do the best you can and enjoy yourself.
2.  Have fun.  If it ain't fun after a few times, re-evaluate why you are
doing it all.
3.  Realize you are going to make mistakes.  Be humble about accepting input
about them but instead of agonizing over them, learn from them and try to
never make the same one twice.  

Bill Kumpe
Tulsa, OK

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