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Great advice - thank you!

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On Dec 20, 2011, at 9:05 AM, Robert Hale wrote:

A student is doing his first SOLO open mic, and asked for advice. Here's
what I offered.

- - -

IF you talk at all before playing, make it brief and don't describe
your apprehension!

Start strong and confident.

Be immediately aware of your volume, adjusting distance to the mic on a
stand. (or are you playing a bullet?)

It's better to be asked to turn up, than down. Watch for a hand to the ear
as a cue

Periodic eye-contact is good

Smile real big during a pauses in playing. They will see your enjoyment,
and it gives YOU confidence.

Speak and play in a volume that would reach the first row without a mic.
Don't let the amplified room sound make you hold back.

- - -

What would you add?

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