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Perhaps if SPAH was to make it known from the start that it was a resource and that all presenters/performers would be asked permission to allow their seminar/performance to be a part of this entity, enhancing and educating the harmonica world, only those that are "with the program" will respond. 

Also, a suggestion regarding making SPAH a major resource.....with their web site.  Performances/seminar videos would be accessed through the web site using a password that would be a part of the SPAH membership benefit. There are a few on line harmonica education resources that already use this protocol to great success.

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Right, no signatures are asked for.  Greg had said that he would be  
shocked if anyone  *would* decline to sign a release.  Strictly  

SPAH doesn't and shouldn't center its policy around one person's  
privacy concerns.  And the point of having a release is to make  
various intentions and expectations explicit, and in that sense, it  
could be a good thing.  If SPAH were to decide to ask people to sign a  
release before performing or presenting, I would decline (with a heavy  
heart, I assure you).  There would surely be other performers and  
presenters who would be fine with it.  I would still love SPAH, and  
still participate as an attendee.    But the suggestion that "no-one  
would object" was a bit of erroneous thinking that I felt the need to  

Elizabeth (aka "Tin Lizzie", whose KILLER harp performances while  
wearing Groucho glasses and a burqa shall forever remain apocryphal)

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> Date: December 18, 2011 4:23:08 PM EST
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> Subject: [Harp-L] SPAH presenters
> Most of the SPAH seminar presenters volunteer to do a seminar.   
> There are no signatures asked for in the seminar process which is  
> very accommodating and flexible because of the nature of volunteerism.
> Manfred Wewers
> SPAH Seminar Coordinator


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